Believing you are beautiful

Are you familiar with the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”? Working for years as an Employment Counsellor, this was one of my favourite lines to share with clients during our interview workshops. But what does it mean to make a good first impression?

Recently, I was given a book as a gift. It was called, “Dress Your Best – The Complete Guide to Finding the Style That’s Right for Your Body”. Whatever your body type, this book tells you what to wear to make yourself look your best. One of the premises of the book is not to be dissatisfied and try to change how you look, but instead to make yourself look your best today.

The better you look today the more you'll be motivated to be healthy. I’ve found that as we mature and grow in our Christian walk we can find new freedom. God created us to be beautiful. We do not need to worry excessively over our appearance. One friend shared, “Where before I wanted to be the centre of attention so I took to preening before I would put my head out of the door, now I am happy in the skin of who I am in Christ and no longer need that attention. Not to say I want to look….slovenly. But, I don’t mind running to town in my track suit without makeup. I like the fact that people look at me deeper inside and not the outside. It is extremely liberating. I have more friends now who know the “real me”.”

Appearance is more than just how we look. How we feel also feeds into this first impression. Imagine starting each morning by looking in the mirror and saying, "Good morning, beautiful!"

As for believing you are beautiful, well, this is between you and God. If you don’t feel beautiful, you can pray for God to work this into your life. Another friend shared, “Today, I can actually tell myself (and believe it on most days) that I am as God made me...beautiful, loving, gracious, strong, healthy, and of sound mind. I thought the exact opposite of this for most of my life. It is amazing how believing God's words and denying Satan's attacks can actually change how we see ourselves. It has been a slow process. However, positive talk does work to change our worldly beliefs.”

So go ahead, say “Good Morning, Beautiful!” and give yourself the gift of a good first impression.

Blessings on the road to health!

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