Should I exercise at home or at a gym?

Question of the Week:
Is it better to work out at a gym or at home? What is your preference?

My answer:

When I worked downtown, I liked to take time off at lunch to get away from the grind and burn some calories at the local YMCA. It was a treat for me to spend time with my girlfriend talking to each other on side-by-side treadmills, and spotting each other on the squat machine. It gave me opportunity to clear my head, and gain energy for the rest of the afternoon. I seldom needed the 3:00 p.m. sugar boost that my co-workers begged for.

But, now that I work mainly out of my home (and I live in the country) I prefer to stay at home and work out in the privacy of my own basement. I've set up a home-gym that rivels Gold`s Gym; it's got free weights, dumbbells and barbells, benches, exercise balls, steps, etc.  And for social interaction I invite my girlfriends to come work out with me three times a week. It's great!

Both locations have benefits and setbacks. Ideally, choose the gym that you will work out at!

Where do you like to work out? Do you have a home gym? If so, what's included in it.


Anonymous said...

It depend on the schedule of the day. I mostly exercise at work during the week with a friend, but it I'm booked with meetings, I'll exercise at home in the evening.

Joe O.

Kimberley Payne said...

That's ideal! To use both places depending on your schedule. Good for you, Joe.

Hallee Bridgeman said...

I prefer at home. I don't like the distractions of other people around me -- although, when I travel and have to work out in the gym in a hotel, I probably work out harder only because other people are around.


Kimberley Payne said...

Hallee, it's good that you're able to adapt to any situation. I think that's the key to fitness. Go with the flow :)