Resolution Interview #1 - Bonnie Way

Bonnie is a freelance writer and editor and a stay-at-home mom. She enjoys baking, sewing and reading, and blogs regularly here

Name: Bonnie

Age: 24

1. What activities do you enjoy most in winter?
Skiing (downhill and cross-country) and skating. Didn’t get much of that in last year, so I’m hoping for more opportunity this year (now that I’m not pregnant and downhill skiing is safe again!).

2. What equipment is a “must” at this time of year?
Something indoors. J I found that it was hard to stay active, other than going to the pool, once the snow fell because it was so hard to walk/run/bike or do anything outside. So when someone told us about a great sale on elliptical machines, we decided to buy one. It’s now much easier to just pop down to the basement for half an hour to work out, plus, we want to make sure we get our money’s worth out of it, so that motivates us to use it! J

3. How do you feel about New Year Resolutions?
I used to make them. They’d last for about January, max. So I quit making them.

4. What was the best resolution you’ve ever made?
Read my Bible every day. I kept that up for a few years (it was one of my few successful resolutions!). I always felt better about myself when I read a chapter or more every day, and it’s a habit that I should get back into.

5. What was the worst resolution you’ve ever made?
Hmmm, can’t remember... anything too big to keep. Sometimes I think we set huge goals for ourselves and then it’s just too overwhelming to even try. I’ve found that smaller goals work better.

6. How do you manage to keep up your resolution into the summer?
It has to become habit. And habits are hard to develop—at least the good ones. So find a way to fit something into your routine and make sure you do it. Like, my mom and I used to go swimming twice a week, and I still do that. Or, I’d sit down right after breakfast to read my Bible, then get started on everything else I had to do that day.

7. Do you share your resolutions with anyone?
Nope. But if you’re serious about a resolution, then an accountability partner could help you keep it.

8. Do you record your resolutions anywhere?
Yep—used to just write them in my journal on January 1st. Then I could look back if I wanted... usually in the spring and say, “oops!”

9. What top 3 health tips do you have to manage in this holiday season?
Walk. If it’s warm out, see if your family or friends want to go for a walk while you’re visiting. Eat slowly—that way your body has time to tell you that you’re full before you get overfull (as long as you listen to it!). And take small portions to start with; if you aren’t full, you can go back for seconds.

Thanks, Bonnie!
I agree that it’s good to have interests both indoors and outdoors. I’ve just added a treadmill to my indoor gym.
Now I have no excuses!

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Blessings on the road to health!
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Joanna Mallory said...

Hi Bonnie,

What a great idea to invite family or visitors out for a walk!

Kimberley, thanks for inviting these wise people to share tips!

Kimberley Payne said...

Hey Joanna,

I agree that it's a great idea! Instead of inviting others to go out for a coffee or lunch, invite them for a walk! Everyone benefits.